How It Works

Learning Phase

The first phase in memorising a date is called the Learning Phase.

During this phase, will introduce you to a date several times, in several different ways.

The purpose of this phase is to get you acquainted with the date, to make you feel comfortable with the number, and the context (which dates precede it, and which dates come after it).

Once date introduction is completed, the date will enter the Revising Phase, which is when TimeToTime will use its spaced repetition algorithm to ensure that you see the date periodically.

Introduction sequence

There are fixed, configurable spaces between each date introduction.

Here's the sequence that we recommend: 30m 3h 1d

With this sequence:

  • The date will be introduced to you
  • It will be shown to you again, 30 minutes later
  • Three hours later, you'll get shown it again.
  • Finally, one day after that, you'll be shown it for the last time.

If, at any point, you get it wrong, the sequence will begin at the start again.

If you get it wrong, don't worry about it - that's the purpose of this date introduction - to keep showing you a date until you are thoroughly acquainted with it!

At each introduction

When a date is introduced at each of the above steps in the sequence, TimeToTime shows you the date a number of times.

The repetitions per introduction setting determines how many times the date will be shown. We recommend 3 times.

Importing cards via CSV