The best way to learn the history of anything.

Optimally remember the dates of events, their context, and the relationships between them.

How You Benefit

No matter what subject you're learning, whether it's art history, the release dates of Star Wars movies, or the events that unfolded in your country, can help you learn these dates and assimilate them.

Either subscribe to an existing deck of dates, or easily grow your own over time as you encounter new dates.

Seize the day with TimeToTime. All the days.

History is a story of events, together with their causes and consequences. TimeToTime transforms the learning of history by making it easy, manageable, repeatable and enjoyable.

Flexible Learning

As you read a book, attend a course, listen to a lecture, or just come across an interesting connected event as you browse Twitter—quickly add the dates that matter to your decks, with a short description.

Short Learning Sessions

TimeToTime will guide you in your learning. Not too much each day, as that's confusing. Not too little each day, as that won't help consolidation. Just enough. (It's time-boxed!)

Interesting Links

As you learn and discover, you'll make connections between dates. Use TimeToTime to record these connections, which will then become part of your revision. Connections help you remember.

Easy Progress

TimeToTime strives to make your life easy. You still have to put in the work and learn each day, but TimeToTime tries to make that work effective, uncomplicated and straightforward.

Shared Decks

You can create a deck of events (with connections) and share it with others, perhaps in the same study group. Or you can subscribe to shared decks that others have created.

Practice with Others

From time to time, challenge your friends to a duel over a shared learning deck. You'll each be able to measure progress during a timed, randomised test session.

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Why we charge


We want to ensure that continues to evolve to meet your needs, without uncertainty in our future about alternative funding or hidden costs. Minimal, recurring subscription pricing, helps us achieve this.

Privacy and Selling Users

We are a principled company, very much against hidden costs and hidden ways of taxing users by selling their data. At TimeToTime, your data is your data, and we don't need to sell it, or you.


We are a small, committed team. We have big plans for the future, and having a secure, sustainable way to achieve them via a subscription model, lets us go out and do the work in helping all of you achieve your learning goals.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email us at with any questions.

    • Is TimeToTime available in all countries?

      Yes—TimeToTime is available in all countries in the Apple App Store or Google Play. Our USD prices are automatically converted by Google and Apple. Visit TimeToTime in the App Store or Google Play to see your localised pricing.

    • Is TimeToTime available in my language?

      Unfortunately, TimeToTime is currently only available in English. Of course, you can create your dates, cards and date descriptions in whatever language you choose. We are working on supporting other languages in the app interface.

    • Is TimeToTime available on the web?

      TimeToTime is primarily an app for iOS and Android devices. However, we do have a deck editor, in beta, available on the web.

    • Do you offer an educational discount?

      We are working on school and university discounts via a school/university subscription program, which is currently in closed beta. Contact us if you have interest in participating.

    • Is TimeToTime free?

      TimeToTime is free to begin with (for a few weeks), but after that, no, we do charge. See our pricing section to understand why.