Effective Learning

It takes time

Learning, using a tool like TimeToTime.app, is about building a new habit, about doing a little bit, regularly.

It's not about doing a whole lot of work once a week.

As you begin, please note:

  • Progress will be steady, not instant. It takes time.
  • TimeToTime prevents you from learning too much at once.
  • TimeToTime's algorithms will ensure you see the right dates more than once.
  • The spaces between each test will mean there will be times when you have nothing to do. That's okay.

You can use that time between learning to do other things, such as finding new dates to learn, or Making good links.

Progress is not linear

There's something remarkable that happens when you learn more and more dates. You'll be able to forge more and more connections between the dates you've learned, and the new dates you're learning.

Learning becomes easier over time.

But this means that, in the beginning, things are more difficult.

Apply yourself, build that habit of regularity, and keep at it - you'll hit the inflection point and then really take off.

Phase: Difficult