Using the App

Hiding dates

Sometimes, you may have a deck that you've subscribed to, but you're uninterested in particular dates within that deck.

For example, you may have already learned that Newton was born one year after the death of Galileo.

In such instances, you can hide the date(s) within the card.

If a date is hidden, it will never appear when you're learning or revising. You can always unhide it if you want it to return to circulation.

How to Hide / Unhide

There are two ways to hide or unhide a date:

  1. When editing a card, click Hide or Unhide for the appropriate date within the card. When a date is hidden, we make the text a little opaque to emphasise the fact.

  2. When viewing the deck details, if you click the "Eye" to see the state of all the cards, you'll be able to swipe left on a date. An option to Hide or Unhide will present itself.

Students, take note

If you've been assigned a deck by a teacher, then you can't hide a date. That would make it a little too easy.