Using the App


You can challenge anyone to a duel on a particular deck, which involves each of you attempting to answer the highest number of questions in a set number of seconds, and comparing scores.


You can only duel with someone on a published deck, and you and your opponent need to have that deck installed.

Setting up a duel

To create a duel:

  • Navigate to the details page of a public deck.
  • Click on the gamepad icon near the top right of the screen.
  • Set the parameters of the challenge, and click Create Challenge

Each challenge will expire in a configurable number of minutes. For example, if you set the challenge to expire in 30 minutes, then you and your duelling partners need to have scored within that period of time.

You can create two types of challenges:

  • If you create a Single Timer, you need to specify how many seconds each of you has to answer questions. For example, if you set this to 60 seconds, then when you begin the challenge, you will each have 60 seconds in order to answer as many questions as possible.
  • If you create a Per-Card Timer, you will have the specified number of seconds to answer each card individually.

The difficulty level determines how the questions are asked:

  • easy duels present each question as a multiple choice with 4 options.
  • medium duels present each question as a multiple choice with 6 options.
  • difficult duels present each question as a full date entry.

Timely quote

Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past. — George Orwell, 1984

Inviting others

Once you've created a duel, you can't post your own score until at least one duelling partner has accepted your challenge.

Click Invite Friends to open the share panel and share a link to your duel.

Once the challenge is accepted, click Do Challenge to post your own score.

Accepting a duel

If you receive a message from a friend inviting you to duel, click the link. You'll be shown a panel displaying the configuration of the challenge, and who the challenger is.

Once you accept, you need to complete the challenge in the designated time period.

Completing a duel

Before a challenge expires, you should do the work and run the game. If you've navigated away from the deck, navigate to the deck again, click on the gamepad icon, and then follow the instructions to do the challenge.

For a time-limited challenge you'll be presented with a timer, and a start button. Click Start and begin answering questions.

For an answer to count, you have to have hit the Done button after selecting an answer.

Scoring a duel

You get points for each correct, or near-correct, answer as follows:

  • 100 points for a correct answer
  • 100 minus the absolute difference between your chosen year, and the actual year, for any incorrect answer.

For example, if the correct answer was 1542 and you selected 1500, you'll receive 58 points. If you selected 1442, you'll receive no points.

Viewing scores

After a challenge, the deck challenge screen will show you all recent challenges, and the score for each participant.

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